Skeletal Muscle Molecular Mechanics

Based on the extensive compilation of experimental scientific research and in collaboration with Gerald H. Pollack, Ph.D Bioengineering.

Course Objectives:

1- What is the underlying physiological mechanism responsible for the Sustained, Involuntary, Chronic, Muscle Shortening ( SICMS ) ?

2- Which molecular structure is responsible for the polymorphic variation in stiffness seen among the population?

3- Which molecular structure is responsible for the resting muscle tension ?

4- Differentiate between: Resting muscle tension, muscle tonus and shortened muscle.

5- Which neuro-physiological mechanism responsible for the tenderness characteristic associated with SICMS ?

6- How is the molecular arrangement in the sarcomere helps to maintain postural stabilization in a gravity-neutral upright posture ? EMG silent.

7- Why is stiffness occurs mostly proximal to the pelvic and lumbar joints ?

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