Dr. Gerald H. Pollack
PhD. Bioengineering Professor, University of Washington
Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Society

I spent more than three decades studying muscle. During that period we created increasingly precise devices to measure forces and displacements, culminating in our ability to measure the sliding of single actin filaments over single myosin filaments with sub-nanometer precision. Experiment after experiment tested the prevailing theory of muscle contraction, and experiment after experiment showed astonishing lack of agreement. It became increasingly clear that a fresh understanding of the mechanism of muscle contraction seemed necessary. We set forth a new model that better explained how skeletal muscles contract and otherwise unexplained clinical manifestations.


What People Are Saying…

“Dr. Pollack is one of the pioneers in the field of muscle contraction and his discoveries can be expected to have an important implication.”  Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate, Cambridge University

“Fantastic material with revolutionary insights!” Helmut Roniger, Consulting Physician

“The most original thinker I have ever met.” Csaba Galambos, University of Colorado

“Full of deep physical insights into biological structure – function relationships.” Peter Basser, Chief, Biophysics and Biomimetics National Institutes of Health